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• Menghemat waktu, mudah digunakan
• Sistem penggunaan yang dipatenkan
• Beragam ukuran untuk pekerjaan apa saja, besar atau kecil
• Melindungi dari korosi
• Menembus ikatan karat
• Melarutkan perekat dan menyingkirkan kandungan air untuk menghilangkan kelembaban pada sistem kelistrikan dan permukaan logam
Produk Lainnya
LTC005 5m  16ft Tape Measure Metric and Imperial Class II
Senator LTC005, 5m / 16ft, Tape Measure, Metric and Imperial, Class II
Available in a variety of sizes and graduations (Metric only or Imperial and Metric) this range of locking tape measures are a staple of a comprehensive toolkit. With a tough plastic case with a slide action blade lock, locking spring assisted blade return and a riveted metal end hook. Each product also featured a steel belt clip and wrist strap. Both the blades and hooks are heavy gauge and corrosion-resistant, making it a highly robust product.

Features and Benefits
• Spring assisted blade return to easily return the blade to the housing
• Chrome ABS casing is resistant to corrosion as well as general everyday punishment
• Steel belt clip and wrist strap allows you to easily store and transport the product
• Textured grip allows for strong hold when using the product
• Self aligning metal end hook makes sure you get accurate inner and outer measurements
• Locking slider ensures you get accurate measurements even when measuring by yourself
• Wide blade for quick reading of measurements

Typical Applications
• Ideal for use by professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, a good quality tape measure is a staple of any good toolkit as well as handy for general day to day uses

• Accurate to EEC Class II

• It is recommended that you guide the blade back into the casing, to protect your hands/fingers from injury and damage to the product
Double End Combination Spanner 10mm Metric
Kennedy Double End, Combination Spanner, 10mm, Metric
Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel with a chrome satin finish body and highly polished heads, this range of metric sized combination spanners are the ideal product for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. With a 15° open jaw angle to shank and ring end offset with a head angle of 13°, each product is chrome plated to aid in the prevention of corrosion. Available in a variety of sizes and specifications to suit your needs.

Features and Benefits
• Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel for resilience and quality performance over time
• Chrome plated satin finish to bolster resistance to wear and tear as well as corrosion
• Highly polished heads make easy work of even the tightest bolts
• Available to purchase in a variety of sizes and specifications to ensure you choose the correct size for your requirements

Typical Applications
• Ideal for use by professionals such as mechanics, plumbers, electricians, engineers, mechanics, general purpose handiwork and DIY enthusiasts

• Conform to DDIN 3113
Cantilever Tool Box Steel L 560mm x W 205mm x H 205mm
Kennedy Cantilever Tool Box, Steel, (L) 560mm x (W) 205mm x (H) 205mm
Manufactured from industrial quality steel with an all welded construction, these red cantilever toolboxes are ideal for professional use. With a large base compartment and four cantilever trays, there is ample space for your most used hand tools and small components. The full width carry handle automatically closes the trays when in transit and allows you to transport your tools. Finished with a durable corrosion-resistant two-part epoxy powder coat and fitted with an integrated padlock eye. Available in two varying sizes and supplied in an attractive red colour.

Features and Benefits
• Constructed from high quality industrial steel making it a durable and robust product
• Epoxy powder coat paint finish giving the product a resistance to corrosion
• Full carry handle for ease of transportation and mobility
• Possesses four cantilever trays to store your most used tools
• Also features an integrated padlock eye to bolster security (padlock sold separately)

Typical Applications
• Ideal for professional use on construction sites due to its all welded construction and hard wearing nature, but can also be useful to DIY enthusiasts and hobbyist
14in Drive KenGrip Socket 10mm Metric 6 Point
Kengrip 1/4in. Drive, KenGrip Socket, 10mm, Metric, 6 Point
The Ken-Grip® 1.4in square drive sockets offer a new standard of performance with the ability to grip up to 95% of a rounded fastener. It has a unique patented design that grips even worn and rusted fasteners without damaging them and can be used on a wide range of fasteners, including non-metric hexagons and E-Torx Drive sizes. Double knurl feature gives a high grip which is essential for quick tool change when hands are greasy or oily. Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel, the sockets and accessories are aluminium free and fully chrome plated for an easy clean finish.

Features and Benefits
• Grips fasteners which are up to 95% rounded off for versatility of use
• Will not damage even worn or rusted fasteners for safe use every time
• Also fits a wide range of non-metric Hexagons and E-Torx® Drive Sizes allowing you to use the product in a wider scope
• Fully chrome plated finish for easy clean
• Unique 'Double-Knurl' design for high grip even when fingers are oily or greasy
• Aluminium-free finish for non-sparking action
• Available in a variety of metric sizes to suit your needs

Typical Applications
• Engineering
• Plumbing
• Construction

• Conform to DIN3124