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• Kental, tidak menetes, tidak membuat kotor, anti lepas
• Tetap berada ditempat anda menyemprotkannya, sempurna untuk permukaan vertikal
• Berkemampuan pemulihan sendiri
• Anti karat dan pelumas yang sangat tahan lama
• Cocok untuk digunakan diluar ruangan
Produk Lainnya
Double End Ring Spanner 16 x 17mm Metric
Kennedy Double End, Ring Spanner, 16 x 17mm, Metric
Made from chrome vanadium steel with a satin finish body and highly polished heads, with a double ended closed jaw bi-hexagon offset. Available in a range of sizes, the product is suited for industrial use in a range of industries.

Features and Benefits
• Available in a range of metric sizes to suit your needs
• Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel for optimum durability and product longevity
• Satin finish further protects the product against corrosion and wear and tear
• Double ended offset bi-hexagonal ring for easy turning of fasteners
• Highly polished head ensures accurate turning and repels dirt and grime

Typical Applications
• Automotive
• Engineering
• Plumbing

• DIN 838

Chipping Hammer 12oz Wood Shaft
Kennedy Chipping Hammer, 12oz., Wood Shaft
Designed specifically for boiler scaling, weld dressing and chiiping away slag after arc welding, this chipping hammer is extremely hardy. Fitted with a close grain hardwood shaft, the head is manufactured from tempered and hardened steel and possesses chisel and point striking faces.

Features and Benefits
• Chisel and point striking faces provide multiple use and versatility
• Hardwood shaft is extremely durable and can withstand regular use
• High carbon steel head is resilient and has been tempered and hardened for guaranteed longevity

Typical Applications
• Welding
• Construction
Metric Open Ended Spanner Set 6  32mm Set of 11 Chrome Vanadium Steel
Senator Metric, Open Ended Spanner Set, 6 - 32mm, Set of 11, Chrome Vanadium Steel
This set of 11 chrome vanadium open-ended spanners contains metric sized spanners ranging from 6-32mm. Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel with a matte finish, the set is supplied in a plastic wallet. Finished with 15° cranked heads.

Features and Benefits
• Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel for durability
• 11 piece set ensures you have the right tool to hand no matter the application
• 15° cranked heads for access in hard to reach areas
• Supplied in a plastic wallet for organisation and storage of your tools

• 6 x 7mm
• 8 x 9mm
• 10 x 11mm
• 12 x 13mm
• 14 x 15mm
• 16 x 17mm
• 18 x 19mm
• 20 x 22mm
• 21 x 23mm
• 24 x 27mm
• 30 x 32mm

Typical Applications
• Construction
• Automotive

• DIN 3110
Ball Pein Hammer 2lb Fibreglass Shaft Antivibration
Kennedy Ball Pein Hammer, 2lb, Fibreglass Shaft, Anti-vibration
Manufactured from, drop forged steel with a red fibreglass handle, this range of ball pein hammers are designed for strength and user comfort. With a black textured slip resistant rubber grip and a shaft and grip that combine to dampen the impact transmitted through to the user's hand and wrist. The overall product is one that aims to reduce operator fatigue and the risk of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). Available in a range of sizes and specifications.

Features and Benefits
• Fibreglass handle has a textured, slip resistant rubber grip to allow for easy use
• Design allows for anti-vibration to deliver more solid blows
• Head is constructed from drop forged steel to bolster strength and durability
• In an attractive black and red colour to suit all workplaces
• Available in varying sizes and specifications to allow you to select the product that best suits your needs

Typical Applications
• Ideal for industrial use by professionals such as construction workers, builders and DIY enthusiasts